Sulky Cry 30 Snap Spools

Sulky Cry 30 Snap Spools

A Glow-In-The-Dark polyester thread, Sulky Cry is a reflective thread that is made from thousands of microscopic glass beads which are embedded in a polymer coating. This coating encases a polyamide core to reflect light in the dark.



    • 100% polyamide with reflective glass bead coating
    • Available in silver colour
    • Extra protection for the dark winter season
    • Embroidery motifs, decorative seams shine when illuminated e.g. by car headlights
    • Thickness: 200 micron - corresponds to thread size 30
    • Oeko-Tex certified
    • Length: 92m-100 yds

    • For best results use a lightweight bobbin thread. We recommend  SULKY BOBBIN
    • Reduce embroidery and sewing speed to prevent thread breakage
    • If possible, use the start/stop button on your sewing machine
    • Enlarge your embroidery motif at the machine by 10% to 20% if the embroidery program with the CRY does not run smoothly. 
      When enlarging, the number of stitches remains the same, but the increase in size makes the stitch density looser and therefore easier to embroider
    • We recommend needle size NM 90 - 100 (machine embroidery needle or topstitch)
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