Sulky Holoshimmer Snap Spools

Sulky Holoshimmer Snap Spools

This unique thread displays stunning holographic effects.

The key to SULKY HOLOSHIMMER's one-of-a-kind look is the light refraction produced from its untwisted thread surface.


    • Stunning holographic effects - it sparkles and shimmers
    • Dazzling light refraction
    • Ideal for large-scale embroidery designs
    • For decorative stitching and decorative seams
    • Metallised film
    • Length: 225m-250yds

    • Metallic thread can be difficult to process if your machine shows signs of wear. Therefore, the thread guide from the thread spool to the needle plate as well as the bobbin case and the hook should be 100% perfect. Polish all sharp edges or replace worn parts
    • Use SULKY HOLOSHIMMER only on a vertical spool pin
    • Use a lightweight thread in the bobbin, either a matching SULKY RAYON 40, SULKY BOBBIN or SULKY INVISIBLE
    • Set top tension on a lower setting and adjust lower thread tension accordingly
    • We recommend to reduce the sewing speed
    • Large scale designs enhance the sparkling effect
    • We recommend Universal size 14/90 or Topstitch size 14/90
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