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Sulky Poly Lite 60Maxi Spools

Sulky Poly Lite 60Maxi Spools


SULKY POLY LITE 60 is a durable yet thin polyester machine thread made of 100% polyester.

Due to its pliability, it is marked by its ease of use.

This shiny polyester thread is incredibly tear-resistant and colourfast to chlorine.

Use our lighter SULKY POLY LITE 60 thread for micro-stippling, lettering or fine detail quilting and accurate piecing.

The perfect companion bobbin thread for Sulky Metallics, Rayons and Invisible Threads. 


    •  Length: 1500m 
    • Thin polyester machine thread
    • Durable and colourfast
    • Available in a variety of bright and vivid colours
    • Made of 100% polyester
    • Silky sheen
    • Oeko-Tex certified

    • POLY Lite 60 is more elastic than rayon thread and therefore, can tolerate more top tension than any other sulky thread. 
      Poly is the easiest to handle thread for your sewing machine
    • All Sulky thread spools have at least one "snap spool" end - including the King Size spools. Gently lift up the end with your thumb, release the thread, then snap it closed. To secure the thread when your sewing is completed, gently lift the end with your thumb, wind the thread into the gap, and snap it closed
    • If you want the backs of your sewing project to look as pretty as the front, use the same color of Sulky POLY LITE 60 thread for both. For all other projects we recommend our bobbin thread SULKY BOBBIN
    • We recommend needle size 60
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