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Sulky Rayon 40 Maxi Spools

Sulky Rayon 40 Maxi Spools


SULKY 40 RAYON thread is the preferred thread for "free-motion" machine embroidery, digitalised embroidery designs and decorative thread application.


    • Length: 1370m
    • Available in a wide range of colours and make-ups
    • Made of 100% viscose
    • Same lustre and soft, warm, natural look as silk
    • Stronger than either silk or cotton thread of the same weight
    • Won’t fray, fuzz or shrink
    • Has less stretch than a polyester thread
    • Sole use of biodegradable dyes and chemicals
    • Viscose is a natural product, therefore biodegradable
    • Oeko-Tex certified

    • POLY DECO 40 is more elastic than rayon thread and therefore, can tolerate more top tension than any other sulky thread. 
      Poly is the easiest to handle thread for your sewing machine.
    • All Sulky thread spools have at least one "snap spool" end - including the King Size spools. Gently lift up the end with your thumb, release the thread, then snap it closed. To secure the thread when your sewing is completed, gently lift the end with your thumb, wind the thread into the gap, and snap it closed.
    • For best results use bobbin thread SULKY BOBBIN
    • We recommend needle size 70 - 80

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