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Gunold NZ

Striving for excellence, every single day

As a family business, we take quality, integrity and sustainability seriously.

This is why we believe Kiwis deserves the very best and we are proud to offer our

New Zealand customers the extensive Gunold embroidery products.

With over 30 years of success, SULKY™ by Gunold offers home sewers a complete range of the highest quality products for home embroidery and craft projects. 

We do also offer commercial and industrial Gunold products for the trade.

For trade information, please contact us directly.

The Gunold Story

Excellence, innovation and sustainability 

1927, Pauen "the city of lace and embroidery", Germany.

Paul Gunold opens a studio to produce designs and punch cards for the world's first multi-head embroidery machine built by Würker in Dresden.

Funny fact, his old school friend Max Bredtschneider is no other than the inventor of the Würker embroidery machine. 

Decades of innovations lead to excellence in embroidery products and in 1976 the Sulky™ brand is born.

A reference in the thread world, its success is due to a commitment from Gunold to using only the higher-quality raw materials and the cleanest production, ensuring therefore a high-quality, highly-durable product that people have loved and fully trusted for years.

Fast forward and we still strive for better.
This is why we are committed to innovation and environmental preservation.
Newly developed processes are constantly improving the quality of our threads but also of our sustainable production.

And what makes us care so deeply is our human story. 

Sustainability & Quality 

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are key to us and our main focus across all our production.

From the source of our raw materials, through to production and storage, we take the protection of our environment and the preservation of our resources seriously.

The result is the unmatched, high quality of our products.  

Our Sulky™ Rayon Threads are made exclusively with ENKA raw fibres, which have been tested and certified to be the highest quality rayon/viscose fibers in the world.

Made of natural high-quality wood cellulose, the ENKA raw viscose fibres are the strongest and most durable, but also 100% biodegradable.


Top quality materials

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