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Sulky Poly Star 30 1000m

Sulky Poly Star 30 1000m


POLY STAR is a hard-wearing, glittering polyester thread combing a polyester thread that is twisted with a metallic thread.
Standard metallic threads are coated and not twisted like POLY STAR. This crucial difference means that the polyester component makes the thread hard-wearing and
soft while the metallic thread lets POLY STAR sparkle and glitter.




    • Alternative to our metal threads Sliver or Holoshimmer
    • Joined forever: Polyester thread is twisted with a metal thread
    • POLY STAR sets the right highlights in combination with our RAYON 40 or POLY DECO 40 colours.
    • Durable, glittering and sparkling
    • Wide range of colours

    • In some cases we recommend to reduce the sewing speed especially for dense embroidery
    • If you have difficulties try to lengthen the thread path
    • All Sulky thread spools have at least one "snap spool" end - including the King Size spools
    • Gently lift up the end with your thumb, release the thread, then snap it closed
    • To secure the thread when your sewing is completed, gently lift the end with your thumb, wind the thread into the gap, and snap it closed
    • For best results use bobbin thread SULKY BOBBIN
    • We recommend needle size 70 - 80
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