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SULKY POLY is a durable polyester machine thread made of 100% polyester.


Thanks to its natural pliability, this beautiful, silky thread is easy to use. 

Incredibly durable, SULKY POLY is tear-resistant, colourfast to chlorine and neither high water temperatures nor bleach do  compromise its integrity.

We offer a wide variety of bright and vivid colours that last through a large number of wash cycles and many thread options:

SULKY POLY STAR 30 is a glittering polyester thread

SULKY POLY FLASH 40 combines the properties and look of polyester, viscose and metal in a single thread

SULKY POLY DECO 40 is perfect for appliqués and embroidery on children's clothing, work clothes, sports clothes, or garments that you will wash frequently or bleach

SULKY POLY LITE 60 is a lighter thread that is perfect for micro-stippling, lettering or fine detail quilting and accurate piecing. It is ideal in the bobbin for any decorative project where you want to match the bobbin thread to the top thread because the underside will be visible

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